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On Monday we’ll be celebrating Presidents Day here in the US, so there will be no new articles posted tomorrow.

Tuesday in Video Tutorials – When painting wildlife, it’s often helpful to “build” the painting in stages by creating the background from one reference source, and then adding the subject on top. This Tuesday Terry Isaac will demonstrate how to easily transfer a drawing of your subject matter onto the background you’ve painted.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Linzy Arnott is a up-and-coming young painter whose work combines dramatic abstraction with a touch of realism. Drop by mid-week for the full review by Lisa Orgler.

Thursday in Artist Interviews – For over three years JoEllen Laurita has been touring the United States in an RV, but of course that hasn’t stopped her from finding space and time for her art. On Thursday, this talented dollmaker and pattern designer will discuss how she does it all from the road.

Friday in General Art Advice – Having the freedom to work from home is fantastic, but it can also be distracting. At the end of the week, Karen Middleton will share five ways that artists can stay focused when working out of the house.

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