This Week: 2/13 through 2/19

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In honor of Valentine’s Day, this Monday there will be no new articles posted on EE. Enjoy the holiday. :)

Tuesday in Video Tutorials – Starting out the week, Sherrill Kahn will demonstrate a dry sponging technique that you can use with acrylic paints to create ethereal, almost airbrush-style effects.

Wednesday in General Art Advice – Susan Holland will be sharing some excellent tips for securely packing your paintings. If you mail a lot of artwork to buyers (or are planning to) you’ll definitely find some great information in this article.

Thursday in Artist Interviews – Quentin Eckman’s professional art career has spanned more than four decades, from his time as a technical illustrator to his work in illustration, graphic design, jewelry-making, and sculpture. Drop in on Thursday to read Alyice Edrich’s full interview with this multi-talented artist.

Friday in Art Marketing Tips – The question I’m asked MOST frequently by online artists is how they can protect the images of their artwork from being copied right off of their websites. On Friday I’ll explain why that’s not such a simple question to answer, and share the only real solution that I know of.

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