This Week: 1/23 through 1/29

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Monday in Video Tutorials – In tomorrow’s video clip, Mark Mehaffey will be demonstrating how he uses a mouth atomizer (along with some extensive masking) to create gorgeous floral paintings.

Tuesday in General Art Advice – Padraig McCaul has a fairly low-key process for planning the year ahead, fitting in art shows, festivals, workshops, and more. If 2011 is already stressing you out, drop in on Tuesday and learn a simple way to get things under control.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Ian Stuart Campbell is an architectural artist and designer who creates wonderful, intricate sketches of buildings, skylines, and cities. I highly recommend coming by on Wednesday to see some of his work.

Thursday in Artist Interviews – Alyice Edrich and Shana James will discuss the difficulties (and joys) of finding good gallery representation, as well as what it takes to put on a successful exhibit of your own, if that’s what’s required.

Friday in General Art Advice – Susan Holland will be sharing some helpful, albeit occasionally humorous advice for any plein air painters who’d rather NOT have people hanging over their shoulder while they paint. :)

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