This Week: 1/9 through 1/15

By Dan in Weekly Preview

Monday in Painting Tutorials – H. Edward Brooks will be sharing a step-by-step walkthrough of his painting process when working with a limited color palette. As always, his results are stunningly realistic.

Tuesday in General Art Advice – Ever had someone blatantly copy a blog post you that you wrote and published online? On Tuesday, Alyice Edrich will explain how to (legally) fight for your rights.

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Wednesday in Featured Artists – Justin Clayton is an incredibly talented daily painter with a unique, almost “wispy” style. It’s hard to describe, so all I can say is come back on Wednesday to see for yourself.

And. . . as many of you will recall, last week I mentioned that I was in the process of interviewing new writers for EmptyEasel.

At this point I’ve narrowed the field down to about 10 candidates (out of the original 30 applicants) and I’ve given myself until Wednesday to make my final decisions.

If I can swing it, there WILL be a couple of articles posted on EE from our new writers on Thursday and Friday. . . so I hope you’ll all drop by and check those out. :)

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