Alan Bedding: Crisp, Gorgeous Photography

By Lisa Orgler in Featured Artists > Photography

You’ll never know how crystal-clear life can be until you experience the photos of Alan Bedding. Self-taught in both photography and digital techniques, Alan reveals a clean, beautiful austerity in some of his images that is very nearly hypnotizing.

Although based in England, Alan has traveled around the world for the past 30 years on photo assignments for book publishers, travel companies and advertising agencies. His frequent trips to scenic locations have allowed him to pursue his passion for landscape and seascape photography.


As you can imagine, these are not typical photos. After switching from film to digital photography five years ago, Alan has found his outlet for creativity and personal expression. Creating an “artistic crossover effect,” Alan’s photographs incorporate different degrees of digital manipulation according to the chosen subject.

Using Photoshop, Alan often applies “a combination of up to five customized filtration effects” giving his final photos an almost unreal sharpness, or clarity.


The image above showcases more of Alan’s skills in digital manipulation. . . that particular photograph actually began as a daytime landscape, which he overlaid with various layers of blue. Then, to top it off, he added a glowing moon to catch your eye.


This last image is once again part digital and part photographic. Since the sky was “bland” the day Alan shot photos of these beach houses, he ended up creating the sky himself. Then, using up to 20 different images, he pulled together several iconic-looking beach cottages into a straightforward panorama.

If you can’t take a walk on the beach today, a virtual stroll through Alan’s website is a good substitute. I’d encourage you all to follow the link and enjoy more of his crisp, gorgeous photography.


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