This Week: 6/27 through 7/3

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Monday and Tuesday there will be no new articles published on EmptyEasel (since I’ll still be fairly busy packing up and moving) so here are a couple of oldies but goodies from the EE archives to tide you over:

How to Turn One-time Art Buyers Into Return Customers

8 Sensible Projects for Artists (For When You’ve got Time to Spare)

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Figure painter Daniel Peci creates beautiful charcoal sketches in preparation for his larger oil paintings. If you have some time to check them out, they’re well worth seeing.

Thursday in Artist Interviews – Later this week Alyice Edrich will be talking with Salley Mavor, a fabric relief illustrator, about finding your niche in the art world and loving the work that you do. Highly recommended.

Friday in Art Opinion – Most of us dream of traveling abroad to paint, sketch, or create, but of course, that’s not always possible. . . and this Friday, David Lorenz Winston will share why he finds it just as fulfilling to be creative close to home.

Last week’s articles on EmptyEasel:

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The Joy of Owning a Unique Work of Art

Filomena Booth: Glowing Abstract Paintings

How To Create A “Grab Button” For Your Art Blog’s Sidebar

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