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Monday is Memorial Day here in the US, so there won’t be a new article for tomorrow.

Tuesday in Video Tutorials – Craig Nelson demonstrates how to use gesture drawing to lay in a fairly detailed preliminary sketch. Craig also explains how to measure distances when drawing from life, and shares several other great tips too.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Robert Joyner is one of those rare artists whose work perfectly blends realism and abstraction—see what I mean this Wednesday, and feel free to submit your own artwork to be featured as well.

Thursday in Artist Interviews – Alyice Edrich talks with Pablo Solomon, a sculptor, about creating a strong “image” or “brand” for yourself and what it takes to achieve success in the arts. Don’t miss it.

Friday in SEO for Artists – In a way it’s counter-intuitive. . . but this global internet (that we all use) might also be our best bet for attracting local art buyers. I’ll explain more at the end of the week.

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