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Diana Brennan: Exquisitely Simple Nature Photography

Now that spring is finally here, I think it’s the perfect time to share Diana Stith Brennan’s stunning nature photography.

Diana’s love of the outdoors blossomed during her childhood in Rhode Island. In high school she discovered photography, and then went on to receive a degree in Environmental Science and Management. By 2006 she had started her own art and nature photography business, D.S. Brennan Photography.

Now, nature is a complex system filled with an enormous amount of detail, but Diana has a knack for taking this complexity and paring it down into beautiful, simple compositions. Take a look:


Her subject is posed in front of a one-color background, with sharp details intact. Nothing distracts, and the darkened edges soften everything with a lovely vintage feel.

Diana primarily uses a digital SLR, but she also loves experimenting with film. Capturing details is still the most important thing, however, as you’ll see in this next image, which is almost a portrait of a flower:


There are no hard shadows or dark lines anywhere in this photograph, but even so, each petal is captured with amazing clarity. Notice also the soft glow of light behind the flower, subtly drawing your attention to the object of the photo.

Diana’s schooling in environmental science has given her a keen interest in her surroundings, no matter how small. She often uses her camera like a microscope, using it to zoom into the beauty of her tiny, delicate subjects.

Perhaps this last photo defines her art best of all—detailed, simple, and exquisite.

wax flower

I invite you all to explore the beauty of the natural world at Diana’s website, dsbrennan.com, and Etsy shop: www.etsy.com/shop/dsbrennan.

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