Samantha Liddell: Escape into Photography

By Lisa Orgler in Featured Artists > Photography

Samantha Liddell’s gorgeous photography has one purpose: to be an escape from the moments of despair that we all face at one time or another.

At the age of 14 Samantha’s family made a life-changing move from South Africa to the United States. Living in a foreign country was difficult, but she found solace in the natural environment, where her love of photography began. Today, Samantha calls Cape Town, South Africa her home and it is here that she is continually inspired by the natural beauty around her.

As you’ll see, Samantha’s gift is her ability to capture intense washes of color and texture within her photos.

In the image below, appropriately titled Fire Walk, Samantha picked the perfect time of day to photograph a woodland bathed in red light.

Fire Walk

Golden-red hues permeate the sky and illuminate ground, bringing an intense warmth to the image. With such high contrast, the texture in the foreground is brought into incredible relief, beckoning the viewer to enter the scene and follow the light.

A mysterious light source is present in the next photograph as well—each beautiful scallop of radience leaves us guessing its origins, while enhancing the rusty orange texture on the wall.

Rustic Doves

The composition, of course, is quite formal and very lovely. Two doves, centered in the middle of the photograph, act as the focal point, while the light and lines reinforce a very traditional arrangement.

Now, this last photograph is one of my favorites. It does for me what Samantha hopes all her work does: “To transport the viewer into another place or time allowing the mind of the viewer to wander.”

Towards The Light

I encourage you all to visit Samantha’s website and escape into her world of amazing photography.


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