This Week: 12/27 through 1/2

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Monday in Art Marketing Tips – As strange as it may sound, there are many times where helping others will actually help you promote your own art. Kathleen Shetler has more on that topic, tomorrow.

Tuesday in Color Theory – Doris Glovier has another excellent tutorial coming up which will show some of the pros and cons of using various color triads in your paintings. I’ve been looking forward to this one quite a bit myself.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Of all the objects an artist might want to depict, glass items are considered to be some of the trickiest—yet somehow Sally Tharp makes it look easy. See a few of her amazing paintings right here on Wednesday.

Thursday in Announcements – The New Year is nearly upon us, and I’ve got some exciting plans for EmptyEasel in 2010 that I’ll be sharing this Thursday. Don’t miss it!

Since Friday is New Year’s Day there will be no new article posted.

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