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Monday in Motivation – Tomorrow, Kate Harper will be sharing her interview with Rice Freeman-Zachery, the author of "Creative Time and Space: Making Time for Making Art." There’s a ton of great inspiration and advice for artists in this interview, and I hope you’ll ALL check it out.

Tuesday in Drawing Tips – Ever seen an amazingly photo-realistic drawing and wondered, "What exactly does it take to do that??" On Tuesday H. Edward Brooks will be revealing a few of his methods for getting that photo-realistic look.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Canadian artist Amy Shackleton uses some rather unique techniques to create her stunningly vivid artwork, and the results are definitely worth seeing. Lisa Orgler has the full story this Wednesday.

Thursday in Selling Art Online – It’s been a while since I’ve analyzed traffic numbers for some of the more popular art galleries online, so on Thursday I’ll be diving back in to let you know which of them are actually getting visitors. . . and which ones aren’t.

Friday in Art Tutorials – Drop in at the very end of the week for an introduction to pyrography—the art of burning designs (or images) into wood and other surfaces.

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