Eszra Photography: Brilliantly Illuminated Sunsets and Skyscapes

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Sometimes it’s hard to believe how amazingly beautiful the sky can be. . . which is why I am so fascinated by the following works of art by Eszra, a talented photographer and artist who manages to capture the sky’s bright colors and light in a way that almost defies description.

Eszra’s lifelong love of photography exploded when he moved to Florida in 2006. It was the coastline’s sky-filled sunrises and sunsets that inspired him to take a second look at landscape photography.

Today, his photographic process includes taking multiple exposures of a landscape and then mixing them together with software to correct the camera’s limited exposure range. This is referred to as Dynamic Range Increase (DRI) or as he calls it, "Blended Exposure."

Only by taking the best light from several exposures could Eszra truly accentuate the intense warm colors of the sunrise below.

Liam 's Sunrise

Normally I would say that the object in the photo (in this case, the boat) is the focal point, but because of the intensity of the photograph, my eye is actually drawn to the brilliant orange light right at the center of the horizon.

Eszra also manipulates the colors and light in his images to give them a “painted" feeling. For example, in this next photo, the sky seems to be textured by large brushstrokes of blue paint.

Painted Sea

And, if there was no horizon line in that image, the sky could easily be mistaken for water. . . the blue is simply that intense.

Eszra is also known to capture powerful cloud formations, and mix them with intricate ground planes. The photo below is appropriately titled "Epic Battle."

Epic Battle

Dark clouds rolling over thorny branches and scrub grasses give the viewer a feeling of an endless war. Ezra has chosen his viewpoint carefully, however, so that both the sky and ground pull our eyes towards a hopeful sunset.

If you’d like to experience more of Eszra’s captivating skies, please take a moment to visit his website at


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