This Week: 9/20 through 9/26

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Monday in Painting Tutorials – Did you know there are several methods for mixing paint other than mixing it on the palette? Tomorrow, Rose Welty will be sharing four of those techniques, along with some images illustrating the differences between them.

Tuesday in Selling Art Online – When you think “print-on-demand artwork” you probably think of Imagekind and RedBubble—especially if you’re in the US. But now there’s a new print-on-demand company that’s focused on the European market. Sound interesting? Come back on Tuesday to learn more.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – If you’re a fan of exceptional travel photography, then you’ll love the brilliant, color-saturated images of Mark Tisdale. Lisa Orgler has the full review on Wednesday.

Thursday in Art Marketing Tips – This week we have the opportunity to publish an interview with two artists, Anne Magill and Cecil Rice, on how to get your artwork into the public eye. Special thanks to Jordan Adams for conducting the interview and for allowing us to republish it on EE.

Friday in Photography Tips – Rounding out the week, Luke Montgomery will explain some of the differences (and benefits) of using the RAW image format over JPG format when taking digital photos.

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