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Monday in General Art Advice – I’ve fielded a few questions from our foliotwist artists lately regarding web etiquette for artists and art bloggers—like whether or not to ask permission before linking to another artist’s website, or before using their images, etc. Tomorrow I’ll share those answers for anyone else who might be curious.

Tuesday in Painting Tutorials – Robert Sloan has just contributed 7 excellent tips for achieving intense colors and strong values with watercolors. If you want to be done with “washed-out” watercolors for good, don’t miss this Tuesday’s article.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Check back in halfway through the week to see the work of Kieran Ingram, a tremendously talented figurative artist. In the meantime, make sure to submit your own artwork to be featured as well.

Thursday in Selling Art Online – Sarah Schoenfeld has put together a detailed explanation of how to take high-quality photos of your artwork to post online. After Thursday you won’t need to look anywhere else for a step-by-step guide—just drop in and bookmark the article, or print it out to keep.

Friday in Photography Tips – Need a few pointers for shooting black and white photography? At the end of this week, Luke Montgomery will be passing along a few B&W tricks and techniques that any photographer can use. Don’t miss it!

Plus, for those of you who like art contests. . .

ASingularCreation.com is currently holding several free monthly contests (with cash and other prizes) for photographers and artists. Artwork is juried by a panel of judges as well as rated by visitors to determine the winners each month.

Since it’s public, you get a free venue to showcase your art, and winners are featured in ASC’s e-newsletter and throughout their website. It’s a good opportunity for exposure and networking, so check it out if you’re interested!

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Monday in Painting Tutorials - Did you know there are several methods for mixing paint other than mixing it on the palette? Tomorrow, Rose Welty will be sharing four of those techniques, along with some images illustrating the differences between them.

Tuesday in . . . read more

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