Hena Tayeb: Brilliant, Rhythmic Photography

By Lisa Orgler in Featured Artists > Photography

Hena Tayeb is an amazing photographer who takes ordinary objects and turns them into extraordinary photographs. Some of her favorite subjects are hands, macro photography, and abstract imagery; but personally I was drawn most to her nature and architectural photos, with their color, rhythm, and depth.

As you’ll see, Hena’s images nearly always contain crisp, brilliant color. In the photo below, it’s found in two rows of powerfully saturated seats. One can’t help but be captured by these velvety soft, intensely blue chairs repeating down the long aisle.

Sitting Blue

Rhythm, of course, is another strong element in many of Hena’s photos.

Hena often chooses architectural and natural scenes featuring repeating patterns. The train seats above and the arches below are great examples.

The Arches

Here, Hena allows natural light to flow through and emphasize the crisp, rich colors of the space. The light becomes a part of the photograph’s rhythm, working with the architecture of the building.

Of course, when capturing a pattern in a three-dimensional space, there’s always the opportunity for a talented photographer to create and emphasize depth.

In the final image below, Hena does just that. The textured skin pattern and parallel angles of this alligator tail reveal its dynamic nature. . . and Hena’s focal point emphasizes its length.


If you have a moment today, I encourage you to explore more of Hena Tayeb’s brilliant photography at her Etsy shop or Redbubble page.


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