Konstantin Dikovsky: Taking Landscape Photography to New Heights

By Lisa Orgler in Featured Artists > Photography

How do Agni Yoga, landscape photography, and mountaineering come together to form beautiful artwork? They all describe Konstantin Dikovsky and inspire his magnificent photography.

As a mountain climber in Eastern Europe, Konstantin comes across scenic vistas that the common person rarely experiences. He uses his photography to capture those experiences, and, as he puts it, “look behind borders of [the] obvious world.”

The first photograph below, of the Altai Mountains in Russia, is a perfect example of the amazing mountain landscapes full of strength and light that Konstantin captures.

The photo pulls me in, but with a grandeur that is overwhelming. It’s like I’m standing at the top of a peak, in a chilly wind, looking down into that harsh, beautiful valley.


Compositionally this photo is wonderful too. Notice how the clouds and mountains start in the upper left-hand corner, then sweep across the entire photograph, like light rays spreading outward at every angle.

By cropping the photo just so, Konstantin created an image that draws the eye through every part of the photograph, encouraging the viewer to look at each detail of rock and cloud.

Konstantin also has a knack for taking amazing landscapes and simplifying them. For example, in this next photograph he created a beautiful, minimalist abstract from a grassy mountain placed against the bright blue sky.


A single small white cloud acts as a focal point, and the colors are so intense that they almost seem painted, or imaginary.

This final photo is another simplified composition. Konstantin chose his viewpoint to capture the smooth white slopes against a slightly textured cloudy sky, and created an image that divides naturally into three parts—foreground snow, middle snow bank, and background sky and mountain.


By reinforcing the depth of the scene, Konstantin’s high elevation suddenly becomes obvious—after all, just look at those peaks way below to the right! Considering the high altitude, the tranquility found in those lovely curving shapes is rather unexpected, yet all the more beautiful because of it.

For more amazing mountaintop photography by Konstantin Dikovsky, please visit his website at www.dikovsky.com. . . I highly recommend it.


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