This Week: 6/21 through 6/27

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And. . . we’re back! As you probably noticed, I took some time off from EmptyEasel last week to interview new writers for EE and work on a big foliotwist feature that we hope to roll out by the end of the month.

The good news is that things are going well with both of those projects (more updates coming soon!) and we’ve got a great bunch of articles for the week ahead. :) Enjoy!

Monday in SEO for Artists – If you like the idea of using search engine optimization to improve your website or art blog, you should probably be familiar with the concept of PageRank. Tomorrow I’ll explain what PageRank is (and what it ISN’T) plus, how you can use it to get more visitors to your site.

Tuesday in Painting Tutorials – A few weeks back, Pauline Adair graciously sent in a step-by-step tutorial that documents her own pastel painting process. Even if you’re not a pastelist, it’s a great resource into painting the human figure and I really hope you’ll drop in to check it out.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Konstantin Dikovsky is this week’s featured artist on EmptyEasel, and for very good reason—as a photographer/mountaineer he’s captured some of the most incredible mountain vistas I’ve ever seen. Lisa Orgler will be sharing a few of his photos (and more) on Wednesday.

Thursday in Selling Art Online – When it comes to selling prints of your art online, you probably think of Imagekind and RedBubble. . . but there’s another fairly new art printing service that you may not know of. Come back on Thursday for the full scoop.

Friday in General Art Advice – Have an art exhibit or gallery show coming up in the near future? On Friday Maria Brophy shares some excellent advice for artists who want to make a great impression on their visitors. Don’t miss it!

And finally, is there something you’d like to share? Send it in!

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