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Monday in SEO for Artists – How you write the titles of your blog posts makes a huge difference in the amount of visitors you’ll get from Google and Yahoo. Tomorrow I’ll share my method for crafting post titles that are optimized for the search engines while still being human-readable.

Tuesday in Color Theory – Rose Welty The following list of resources is for anyone interested in learning about color at a college level without paying an expensive tuition. It’s also the fourth post in my series on getting an art education for free.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Rebecca Elfast is a talented watercolor artist with a strong, minimal style that I really enjoy. Drop in on Wednesday to check out her paintings and learn more.

Thursday in Selling Art Online – If you own an art website or art blog with a publicly posted email address, you’ll probably come across more scammers, spammers, and schemers then you ever thought possible. This Thursday I’ll share some red flags to watch for when dealing with folks online, no matter how good the offer sounds.

Friday in Motivation – Luckily there’s also a lot of GOOD people online, too. On Friday James Parker will share a story about how joining a community of art bloggers has changed and enriched his life, in more ways than just art.

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