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This timeline is very incomplete, so feel free to send me your suggestions. I’ll be adding more entries on a regular basis.

1995-1998Allwall.com, AllPosters.com and Art.com each launch separate e-commerce sites to sell fine art prints and posters. They are the first websites (other than eBay, perhaps) to offer large volumes of decorative art for sale.


AugustCafePress.com opens its doors, making it easy for artists to put their artwork on apparel, mugs, mousepads, and more. . . all while listing it for sale in the CafePress marketplace.

DecemberArtSpan.com launches as one of the first services to offer individual portfolio websites for artists.


AugustDeviantART.com appears on the scene, and slowly becomes the largest online art community in the world. (DeviantART now offers print-on-demand services for its artists as well.)

NovemberEBSQart.com begins with a simple mission—support living artists—and fulfills that mission by creating an online community with portfolio tools for artists.


May – Allwall.com buys Art.com and consolidates their online presence under the Art.com website and brand.

JulyZazzle.com launches a competitive service to CafePress.com and gives artists another venue for selling their customized products and apparel.

AugustFineArtStudioOnline.com launches it’s own personal art portfolio service for artists.

August – Google creates Image Search, giving artists and art buyers a whole new method to search for art and images online.


September(?)Yessy.com opens its online art gallery for artists.


AugustBoundlessGallery.com launches an online gallery for artists.


FebruaryFlickr.com gives photographers all over the world the opportunity to share, organize, and comment on photos.

JulyArt.com starts offering original artwork for sale via its “Original Art & Photography” community.

DecemberDuane Keiser begins posting a new painting on his blog every day while selling many of them at auction on eBay. His success sparks the widely popular daily painting art movement.


JuneEtsy.com creates a community marketplace for hand-made items and artwork.


MarchAllPosters.com and Art.com merge into Art.com Inc. with both websites remaining active.

MaySaatchi Online launches and quickly creates a viral internet sensation with its Saatchi Gallery Showdown.

SeptemberImagekind.com creates a free print-on-demand service for artists.

NovemberEmptyEasel.com appears. :)


FebruaryRedBubble.com begins offering a free print-on-demand services to Australian artists.

February – Art.com Inc. launches Sistino.com (a print-on-demand marketplace for contemporary artists) and ArtistRising.com (a marketplace for original artwork).

JulyRedBubble.com opens its doors to international artists.

November – Art.com Inc. closes Sistino.com and merges its print-on-demand services with ArtistRising.com.


JulyCafePress.com acquires Imagekind.com.


FebruaryZibbet.com, another Australian company, opens its online art gallery.

AprilFoliotwist.com (a company I co-founded) begins offering blog/portfolio websites for artists.

AprilZatista.com launches an online gallery for artists.

More to come soon. . .

Any suggestions or corrections? Notify me and I’ll add them to the timeline.

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