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Monday in SEO for Artists – It’s been a while since I posted an SEO tip, but yesterday I came up with one that I realized I hadn’t shared yet. Check back tomorrow to learn what it is and how it can help.

Tuesday in Painting Tutorials – Dianne Mize is taking a break from her normal tutorial schedule for a few weeks, so on Tuesday Jo-Ann Sanborn will be sharing her plein air painting checklist (and outdoor painting process) instead. Hopefully the weather’s nice where you are and you can take advantage of it!

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Francois Chartier is an amazing realist painter whose work will probably catch you by surprise. Drop in on Wednesday for some images, as well as the full article by Lisa Orgler.

Thursday in Art Marketing Tips – Ever wonder if you should be doing less marketing now that your customers are thinking about the economic downturn? Janelle Baglien of Studio Art Direct says “No way!” and gives some great tips that focus on cheap ways to get the word out about your art.

Friday in General Art Advice – Telling people about your art isn’t always easy— especially if you’re up in front of a group. Luckily, Paul Ruiz has an outline to follow in case you ever need/want to give a presentation on yourself or your art, and I’ll be posting that on Friday.

Plus, special thanks are in order:

None of you knew it, but Rose Welty, Robert Sloan, and Lisa Orgler helped me out a LOT last week as I was getting ready for the launch of foliotwist.com .

Each of them took the time to “join” and experiment with their own foliotwist website, and I can’t thank them enough. Bug testing is never fun but they pitched in anyway and foliotwist is certainly better because of it.

Speaking of bugs, as some of you probably noticed my introduction to foliotwist last week didn’t go live until Friday evening. Normally I post in the morning, so my apologies for that—we were finding and dealing with some last minute problems that stretched out longer than expected.

Everything should be fine now, although if you’re using Safari on a Mac you might see some intermittant problems on the home page of foliotwist.com. I just noticed those a few hours ago, and I’ll be figuring out what the issue is as soon as I can.

We’re also working on getting a foliotwist demo video up (and a FAQ page) and we’re happy to answer questions about the service by email too, so feel free to ask!

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Monday in Art Products - For tomorrow's article, our resident pastel expert Robert Sloan will be publishing a product review of Pan Pastels. He has a LOT of good things to say about this brand, so if you like pastels (or you're thinking of trying some out) you won't want to miss it.

Tuesday in. . . read more

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