This Week: 3/29 through 4/4

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Monday in Art Marketing Tips – In tomorrow’s reader-submitted article, Karen Cooper examines the real value of summer art fairs with ten thoughtful questions to ask before you sign up for your next one. If you’re an art fair newbie, this is also a must-read.

Tuesday in Painting Tutorials – Have you ever wanted to loosen up your realistic painting style, or just add a little pizazz to your art? Then don’t miss this week’s tutorial by Dianne Mize. She’ll be explaining three ways to successfully add elements of abstraction to your realistic paintings.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Taylor Gillis is a designer-turned-photographer whose latest works offer a uniquely captivating view of the world in black & white. Check out his work and read the full review this Wednesday on EE.

Thursday in Painting Tutorials – Rose Welty continues her "free art education" series with a big list of resources on painting techniques and instruction. For those of you learning to paint on your own, this will be a great resource.

Friday in Selling Art Online – As many of you know, in last Sunday’s newsletter I announced that the big project I’ve been working on for the past year is finally coming to a close. Our original launch date was set for April 2nd, but due to some last minute web-hosting issues we’ve decided to push it back ONE day to April 3rd, this Friday.

Hopefully those extra 24 hours will allow us to get everything sorted out before we go live. Make sure to drop in on Friday or over the weekend to see what we’ve been cooking up—I’d love to hear what you all think.

By the way, I should also mention that we’ve got a special deal set up JUST for early adopters! So if you’re the courageous type (and you want a better way to promote and sell your art online) we’d like to reward you for opting in sooner rather than later.

More details on that, Friday. . .

And finally, have something you’d like to share? Send it in!

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