Jane Hunt: The Power of Texture

By Lisa Orgler in Featured Artists > Acrylic Paintings

If you enjoy powerful texture in art, take a look at these paintings by Jane Hunt.

Jane Hunt 2

Jane’s subjects are simple—trees, landscapes, sky—but they’re filled with a rich, textural strength. That strong simplicity, mixed with my own desire to physically touch the canvas, is what drew me to her work in the first place.

To form her uniquely textured paintings, Jane “uses a layering process to create a thick surface over wood panels and completes the paintings with a heavy paste acrylic." The combined result lends an organic feel to each finished piece.

Jane Hunt 1

Though her subjects are often repeated, Jane puts a beautiful twist on every painting. I found myself relishing the differences she brought to her trees, over and over again. She has truly mastered the ability to minimize landscapes to their purest form, while still making them pop.

Jane tends to intensify her subjects with color, using a palette that ranges from natural, earthy tones to beautiful purples and pinks. Her color choices also exaggerate contrast, so you’ll find yourself noticing the difference between earth and sky, flower and branch, tree and cloud.

Jane Hunt 3

If you’d like to see more of her work on a regular basis, Jane’s daily painting blog highlights a different painting each day. She also inserts musings about her life, so it’s a great avenue to learn more about both her and her art.

In addition, I’d encourage you to experience the rest of Jane Hunt’s colorful, textural paintings at her official website: www.JaneHuntArt.com.


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