This Week: 1/18 through 1/24

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Monday in Motivation – Join me here tomorrow as I continue my new series for artists on overcoming fear. This week I’ll be sharing some practical methods and advice for overcoming the fear of confrontation.

Tuesday in Painting Tutorials – Dianne Mize’s next painting tutorial will explain how to find the golden ratio (also known as the golden section or golden mean) and more importantly, how to successfully use it in your compositions.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – If you want to see some gorgeous watercolors, look no further than Pennsylvania artist Mingming Bowerson. Drop in on Wednesday to browse through a few of her paintings. . . I’m sure you’ll agree.

Thursday in Art Products – Give a big welcome to Robert Sloan, the newest member of our writing staff here at EE. His first official post, an incredibly informative guide to oil pastels, will appear on Thursday—so make sure to check that out.

Friday in General Art Advice – And when the weekend rolls around, don’t miss this week’s reader-submitted entry, entitled, “How to Find Your Own Niche & Style,” from landscape photographer Aggie Villanueva.

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