Sean Chuplis: Aerial Photography and World-wide Travel Photos

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Sean Chuplis of Thousand Miles Photography has a distinct advantage over the rest of us when it comes to photographing exotic locales—he flies airplanes for a living.

As a pilot, Sean’s portfolio of images includes many aerial shots (ie, photos taken from the cockpit, usually of other planes but also of the ground) as well as candid snaps from countries like Mongolia, Tokyo, Italy, Greece, the UAE, and many more.

For example, this image, “Rays through the Gazebo” was taken in Catania, Sicily.

Gazebo in Sicily by Thousand Miles Photography

I think what I like most about Sean’s photos are that they’re true travel experiences in addition to being artistically sound. The composition of the image above is excellent (it’s nearly a geometric abstract) and yet I still feel as though I’m right there, looking up at that beautifully-constructed gazebo roof.

The same goes for this impromptu portrait of a green sea turtle found on the beaches of Waikiki, Hawaii.

Sea Turtle by Thousand Miles Photography

But as much as I enjoyed Sean’s travel photography, I can’t deny that his photos of fighter jets are pretty cool, too.

F-15s, F-16s, F-22s, FA-18s. . . he’s caught them all on camera. Depending on the photo you might see them flying in formation, refueling mid-air, or landing in a spectactular sunset.

FA-18 by Thousand Miles Photography

Even better, half of all proceeds from the sale of Sean’s aerial photography goes to the Disabled American Veterans, so if you purchase a print it helps a good cause.

To see more travel photography by Sean Chuplis (or to buy a print) please visit his website at


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