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Monday in Art Opinion – Justin Gohde submitted an interesting article the other day explaining why many art blogs are quickly turning into real-time, multi-dimensional sketchbooks for contemporary artists and their fans. It’s a fun, insightful read, so make sure to drop in tomorrow for that.

Tuesday in Painting Tutorials – Pop quiz: what does it mean to paint economically? If you’re not sure, don’t sweat it—Dianne Mize will be covering that topic on Tuesday in yet another excellent painting tutorial.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – I don’t know that I’ve ever seen the heartland of America depicted quite like Sharon France paints it—the absolute stillness in her work is very impressive. See for yourself, this Wednesday.

Thursday in Selling Art Online – is a new online marketplace for artists and art buyers which may deserve some attention. I’ll have a full review for you (along with my own opinions, of course) on Thursday.

Friday in Photoshop Tricks – If you’re looking for GIMP tutorials you’re in the right place (but a few days early). Come back on Friday for our next tutorial.

And here are last week’s articles once more:

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