This Week: 5/11 through 5/17

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Monday in Art Opinion – Ads are the lifeblood of the internet. They’re everywhere online—nowadays, you can even find them on portfolio websites and personal art blogs. But is that really a good idea? Tomorrow I’ll weigh the pros and cons of putting ads next to your art.

Tuesday in SEO for Artists – Get ready for another very simple tip on how to increase traffic to your art blog. For those of you just starting a blog or trying to draw more attention to your current one, you might like EmptyEasel’s other articles on the subject as well.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Stacy Brown is a contemporary artist whose work is offbeat, intriguing, and guaranteed to make you think. . . strangely. : ) Don’t miss it!

Thursday in General Art Advice – Do you know the difference between an artist statement, CV, and bio? Suzette Fram explains it all in this week’s submitted article.*

Friday in Artist Polls – What affects your opinion of a work of art the most? Price, presentation and framing, or something else? Vote here.

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