Priscilla Treacy: Painter and Printmaker

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Priscilla Treacy is an art teacher, painter, and printmaker from Virginia who has just recently started her own painting-a-day blog in March of 2008.

Unlike some daily painters, Priscilla’s work spans several mediums including pastel, gouache, drypoint etching, graphite drawings and monotype prints.

Here’s just one of her monotype prints that caught my eye—beautiful, isn’t it?

Morning Glory Monotype by Priscilla Treacy

Monotypes are made by painting an image directly onto a metal plate before printing it (pressing it) onto paper for a one-of-a-kind printed work of art.

As you can see, it’s a fantastic medium to use with something as delicate and ephemeral as the morning glories above.

In addition, Priscilla often explains her work—not necessarily in the metaphorical or artistic sense, but in practical terms, sharing helpful information as to how she achieved the final product.

Being an art teacher, this probably comes naturally, and it makes for a great blog.

The following piece—a demo she did for one of her classes—illustrated how to use a charcoal drawing as an underpainting.

Pear over Charcoal Drawing by Priscilla Treacy

This technique was actually how I first started painting years ago, and it’s an excellent way for beginning painters to build on the drawing skills that they already possess.

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Perhaps my favorite painting by Priscilla is this one, however.

Brass and Carnation by Priscilla Treacy

I love seeing metal painted so cleanly and well—the brass is perfectly rendered, giving solidity and depth to a very simple, yet very elegant composition. . . and the colors she’s used are exquisite together too.

If you’d like to see more of Priscilla Treacy’s paintings and prints, look no further than her fine art blog. It’s well worth the visit.


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