This Week: 2/17 through 2/23

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Monday in Art Websites – Collaboration is a good thing, especially for artists online. Tomorrow I’ll point out a few collaborative websites—some that are brand new—which could possibly give you an idea or two for promoting your own art on the internet.

Tuesday in SEO for Artists – If you’re thinking about signing up for your own online portfolio website, there are two types that I’d suggest you stay away from. On Tuesday I’ll explain what they are and what you should be looking for instead.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Have you ever heard of Ikebana? I know I hadn’t (up until a few weeks ago) but it’s the ancient Japanese art of flower arrangement, and it’s truly as fascinating as it is beautiful. On Wednesday I’ll feature some Ikebana images by Sensei Astrid Stadt.

Thursday in General Art Advice – Angela Fehr recently sent in an excellent article on marketing and creating a strong brand for your art which I’ll be posting this Thursday. I’d encourage you to come back for that, and of course, if you’re an artist or art blogger and you’d like to send in an article of your own, please feel free.

Friday in Artist Polls – When it comes to displaying and selling your art through an online gallery, do you prefer paying a small monthly fee (whether you sell anything or not) or a commission fee only when you do? Vote here.

Plus, here are last week’s articles one more time:

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