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Stunning Textile Landscapes by Scottish Artist Moy Mackay

Poppies and Cypress of Tuscany by Moy MackayToday’s three featured works of art are all by Moy Mackay, an amazingly talented textile artist from Scotland.

Moy’s work combines the style and look of impressionist paintings with traditional felting and embroidery techniques—a process which I’ll quickly admit I know very little about.

The results, however, are stunningly colorful textile “paintings” which immediately reminded me of past artists like van Gogh and Monet.

Just take a look at the Tuscan landscape above and you’ll see what I mean. Those wispy tendrils of cloud amidst a curving sky, the undulating trees all in a row. . . all of that color and movement is simply fantastic.

And while most of her art depicts landscapes, in this next piece Moy has taken an even more abstract approach to, well. . . not painting, really. . . (felting?) a group of poppies, which I believe are being reflected in water.

Poppies by Moy Mackay

I love the upward flow in this piece, and of course that extreme contrast of colors ( red-orange against cool blue) is incredible too. From what I’ve seen so far, that’s one thing that this medium certainly lends itself to—pure, intense colors.

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Moy Mackay’s native Scottish countryside is featured prominently in many of her works, as seen below in Northern Skye.

Northern Skye by Moy Mackay

Here, realism is mixed with fantastic, almost dreamlike colors. . . forming a wild and rich landscape of purples, greens, blues and oranges.

To see more of Moy Mackay’s textile art, or if you’d just like to know more about the textile medium itself, please visit her website at MoyMackay.com.

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