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Monday in Selling Art Online – As some of you probably know, EmptyEasel keeps track of several art-selling websites by monitoring how many visitors they get each month (take a look here). Tomorrow I’ll go a little more in-depth and explain what I see when I look at those traffic stats, and what it might mean for you.

Tuesday in Photoshop Tricks – Wrapping up my recent series of Photoshop tutorials, on Tuesday I’ll show you how to get rid of dust spots and other imperfections that may appear after scanning or photographing your artwork. If you’re planning on selling prints of your digital scans or photos, you won’t want to miss this article.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Come back on Wednesday for some wonderfully earthy landscapes by Deborah Paris, a fairly new artist to the blogosphere, but a fantastic painter for sure. And as always, if you’d like to have your art featured on EmptyEasel just fill out this simple submission form.

Thursday in Art Opinion – Recently I’ve gotten a few responses to an article I wrote a while back about the Bob Ross method of painting. I’ll be combining those responses into a single article and posting it this Thursday, and whatever you think of Bob Ross or his teaching methods, I hope you’ll check it out.

Friday in Artist Polls – And just because I’m curious—what DO you think of the Bob Ross method of painting? Although the man himself has passed on, his painting methods could arguably be considered the most influential and widespread techniques used by beginning painters today.

Just click here to vote, and remember, you can either write your own opinion down on a separate line or simply add your vote to one that’s already there—it’s wide open.

Here are last week’s articles one more time:

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Sky-high Paintings: Sunsets and Skyscapes by Gerald Schwartz

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Are you a Spontaneous and Intuitive Artist or a Careful Planner?

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Monday in Selling Art Online - BoundlessGallery has just added some new features to their website, both for artists and art buyers. Tomorrow I'll share what those new features are and why they're important. Plus, if you're thinking about purchasing your own BoundlessGallery membership remember. . . read more

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