Spontaneous and Intuitive – OR – Careful Planner? Which Type of Artist Are You?

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I’ve always been fascinated by how different artists can be—some tend towards the logical side of artistic creativity (planning things out to the nth degree) while other artists lean towards the intuitive spontaneous side of artistic expression.

Personally, I’m more of a logical planner myself, but this week I thought I’d take the opportunity to see what you all would say.

Here’s how the poll stands so far—and if you haven’t voted yet, please feel free.

Would you describe yourself as more emotionally driven (spontaneous and intuitive) or more logically driven (plan and execute) when creating art?
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What’s interesting to me is that despite being very logical and almost obsessively detailed in my art, I really enjoy being around artists who can just instinctively create. I think it stretches me to tap into my own emotive, intuitive side.

In fact, my suggestion for all artists, no matter which way you see yourself, is to try to develop that part of you that you’re NOT using as much.

So if you’re spontaneous, push the planning more. If you’re always careful and correct, see what happens when you loosen up.

Because maybe, just maybe, you’ll uncover a new type of creativity within yourself—one that you’ve simply never had the opportunity to explore before.


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