Sky-high Paintings: Sunsets and Skyscapes by Gerald Schwartz

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Today’s featured artist is Gerald Schwartz, a daily painter from California. Gerald works only in oils, painting “skies across the USA, and the lands below.”

And perhaps it’s just the wet and wintry weather here in Portland that’s making me yearn for the sun, but right when I saw Gerald’s work I fell in love with those deep blue skies and vivid sunsets.

The painting below, entitled Sundown, is just one of many 6″x6″ wood panel paintings on Gerald’s daily painting blog.

Sundown by Gerald Schwartz

Just look at that golden orb of light trapped between earth and sky. . . held down by purple clouds as if to light the land below on fire. And above it all a few far-away wispy clouds shiver in the cold blue air, drifting ever upward into a vast cathedral of a sky.

In Sounds of Fun, you can see a traveling carnival off in the distance, tiny against a towering mountain of what science would simply call water vapor.

Sounds of Fun by Gerald Schwartz

But the subtlety of color in this large-scale painting—those whisper-soft pinks and creams seeping into the azure sky—can hardly be expressed, and certainly not by any scientific description.

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This next piece is actually a diptych (two panels set side by side showing one scene) simply titled As Far as I Can See.

As Far as I Can See by Gerald Schwartz

Of all of Gerald’s paintings I think this one is closest to being absolutely perfect, in composition, in color, in contrast. . . and as he points out on his blog, each panel can stand by itself as well as together.

If you’d like to see more of Gerald Schwartz’s paintings, I’d highly recommend visiting his daily painting blog, Skies the Limit. You won’t be disappointed.


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