Colorful Paintings by Lisa Lorenz

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This week’s featured artist is Lisa Lorenz, a painter from Copenhagen, Denmark. Originally from Canada, Lisa’s paintings are bright, cheerful, and stylized, and are often based on her travels through Europe and Asia.

I was immediately drawn to the way she used geometric color planes and repeated elements (like windows, sails and waves) in this painting, Colours of Nyhavn II.

Colours of Nyhavn II by Lisa Lorenz

Notice how the colors of the houses get bolder and more intense leading to the right, and yet the boats are all pointed in the other direction, towards the bottom left.

This creates a subtle zig-zag pattern within the painting and will keeps viewers visually captivated for longer periods of time.

When she’s not painting exotic locations from around the world, Lisa adds to her series of floral still lifes.

Dutch Delight Tulips by Lisa Lorenz

Many of her flower paintings reminded me of designs found on Tiffany Lamps. They both have beautifully organic shapes separated by thick lines and filled in with rich, textured color.

You can easily imagine light shining through most of them; at least I did, when browsing through them on her website.

In this final piece, entitled An Italian Summer’s End, organic forms give way to geometric patterns once more.

An Italian Summer's End by Lisa Lorenz

Lisa truly has an illustrator’s eye for pattern and color. Her paintings are consistently fun to look at and even have a slightly youthful quality to them without being childish.

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For more of Lisa Lorenz’s work, visit her website or drop in at her studio blog if you’d like to look at a few of her paintings currently in progress.


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