Reader Submitted Artwork by Nanoo G.

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A few days ago I received a submission of artwork from Nanoo G., a French artist who paints in a super-realistic style, using acrylics on canvas and wood panels.


The painting is called Carpe Diem and is 73×60 centimeters.

I like the detail and care that was taken in rendering the particles of sand and the wrinkles in the hand and arm. It’s extremely true to life, and obviously painstakingly created.

The sharp shadows cast by each finger reminds me of snapshot photos taken with a flash, and adds to the realistic impression.

I’d like to see more intermediate shades of color, to enhance the skin tones and create a greater sense of depth between the fingers and palm (although I must say the foreshortened thumb is quite well painted anyway.)

Nanoo describes her work as a personal expression of her feelings, in a way that words can’t quite manage. Her other paintings explore those emotions in greater depth and also hint at an unspoken trauma in her life.

You can see more of her work at, and if you read French you’ll be able to find out more information about her as well.

Thanks, Nanoo!


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