Painting Tutorials: Learn How to Become a Better Painter using Oil Paints

Watercolor paint can be pure and lively or soft and watery—and no matter how you paint, it has several unique color qualities that make it different from other mediums. Furthermore, each manufacturer of watercolors is different, and will mark their paint colors with different codes (or. . . read more
Artist block—we all get it. Even though I love to paint still lifes, they can get boring, and there are times when I just need something to excite me and get me motivated to paint. If that happens to you too, here are 4 things I do to switch up my still lifes and get [...]. . . read more
While it may seem as though you can buy a tube of watercolor paint in every imaginable color, the best way to simplify your life while painting is to learn to mix your own colors from the primaries. Not only can you create any color you want from just a few tubes of red, yellow, [...]. . . read more
One of the joys of using the soft pastel medium is its versatility. I particularly like painting with my pastels on dark surfaces, rather than on traditional white surfaces, because of how well the colors stand out. Though it may be a bit more challenging at first, using black pastel paper as. . . read more
Mixed-media is a relatively easy way to get started creating your own paintings. It certainly takes the pressure off if you don’t have technical drawing or painting skills, or just prefer to collect fun images together rather than painting it all from scratch. I like working on canvas just. . . read more
Ever looked at a gorgeous floral still life and wished you could paint like that? Well here’s some good news—capturing the beauty of nature in vibrant acrylics may be easier than you think! Follow along with today’s tutorial to begin creating a brilliant floral piece just like. . . read more
In my last watercolor tutorial I demonstrated how to paint a flat wash, where a single color of paint is evenly and carefully applied across a large area. Today we’ll be looking at two more very important types of washes—graded washes and variegated washes. The graded wash A graded. . . read more
Alla prima, wet-on-wet, and direct painting are all terms that refer to finishing a painting in one sitting. I like this painting technique for many reasons. . . It helps me work quickly and keep a fresh quality in my brushwork, it keeps me from overworking a painting by spending too much. . . read more
A “wash” is a basic watercolor technique that will come in handy nearly every time you pick up your brush to start a new painting. Most often it is used anytime you need to cover a large area of your paper with paint. There are three different types of watercolor washes, and each one is. . . read more
In today’s watercolor painting tutorial I’ll be demonstrating some basic techniques, including several brush strokes you can practice on your own to gain more familiarity with your brush and paint. Before we jump in, however, you should take a minute to get comfortable and put. . . read more
When you’re first taught to paint with a limited palette, you’re usually given three primary colors—red, yellow and blue. Limiting yourself to just a few colors teaches you how to mix colors correctly, see value and temperature, and encourages thought and planning in your color. . . read more
In my last article on watercolor supplies I forgot to include a mounting surface in the supply list. It’s important because before you can begin painting you need to make sure your paper won’t buckle, or ripple, when you add water and paint to it. Buckling paper makes controlling. . . read more
Sometimes when you see a beautiful landscape, you just have to paint it. You want to capture the feeling, the emotion, the colors. . . and yet, those kinds of landscapes are often so visually complex that you can’t imagine painting everything in them! It can seem overwhelming, but. . . read more
The ocean is a natural subject for artists. Whether you’re looking to paint a peaceful ocean view or a stormy day at sea, soft (chalk) pastels are a great medium for depicting ocean waves and seascapes. Every artist has his or her own unique take on the ocean, so techniques and styles vary.. . . read more

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