Painting Tutorials: Learn How to Become a Better Painter using Oil Paints

Recently I’ve had several conversations with other artists about dry pastels, and found that many of them think pastels are a fairly difficult medium to use, due to their “permanent” nature. While it’s true that the bright pigments of soft pastels are durable and long-lasting,. . . read more
The painted portrait is just as popular today as it has been all throughout history. From the Mona Lisa to the self-portrait you probably created in painting class, portraits are everywhere. I’ve painted my own share of portraits, and have found that injecting a little fun into this. . . read more
White tulips are beautiful, delicate and a joy to paint. . . but the trick to painting them is understanding that many colors are used to make something appear white. (Luckily, that’s also the fun part!) Follow along as I take you through my steps to paint these gorgeous white tulips.. . . read more
I’ve always been fascinated by encaustic art and the eerie, soft look of it. All those layers of wax are incredibly intriguing, and up until recently, were a complete mystery to me as to how they were created. Just to give you an example, here’s a close-in detail of an encaustic piece. . . read more
One of the joys of opening a new box of soft pastels is seeing the brilliant contrast of colors. And among all those other, brighter hues, you’ll also see that tempting stick of black pastel. While many pastel artists avoid using black pastel altogether, black pastel can enhance your. . . read more
The longer I paint with watercolors, the more I find that I love the interaction of paint and water. So instead of trying to control every aspect of a piece, I like to let these elements add to the process and the painting itself. While not as predictable or tidy as other painting methods,. . . read more
Today I’m going to show you how to paint gorgeous, luminous roses in a realistic way, using watercolor paint and glazing techniques. Before we begin, however, let’s talk supplies. Assemble your paint, brushes, and paper You can use any brand of paint that you like, but I’m. . . read more
Today I’m going to demonstrate the “color wheel method” of painting for watercolor artists. I will be using the light and dark values inherent to the colors in my palette to create value and form in a simple still life painting of an orange. While other painting mediums (like oil. . . read more
Soft pastels are easy to blend, mix, and apply, and are a great dry medium when you need to work quickly or paint outdoors. They require no brushes, water, or blending mediums, and their brilliant colors create beautiful, bright works of art. Unfortunately, pastels can also be quite messy to. . . read more
When I teach my Introduction to Oil Painting classes, I always begin by having my students paint a grayscale. If you haven’t been using a gray scale to check your values when painting, I strongly suggest painting your own. Pre-made ones are fine too, but painting your own is better,. . . read more
A few years ago my boyfriend introduced me to this great fish place in Newport Beach called The Crab Cooker. It’s a bright red corner family restaurant, and it’s been there since 1951. (They have fantastic fish selections by the way!) I took a few photos while we were there because I. . . read more
Wine bottles are one of my favorite still life subjects to paint, primarily because they come in a variety of colors and have a beautiful shape that pairs well with almost anything. Here are the steps I use when painting colored wine bottles (or any colored glass) with oil paints: 1. Set up. . . read more
Watercolor paint can be pure and lively or soft and watery—and no matter how you paint, it has several unique color qualities that make it different from other mediums. Furthermore, each manufacturer of watercolors is different, and will mark their paint colors with different codes (or. . . read more
Artist block—we all get it. Even though I love to paint still lifes, they can get boring, and there are times when I just need something to excite me and get me motivated to paint. If that happens to you too, here are 4 things I do to switch up my still lifes and get [...]. . . read more

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