Drawing Tips: Learn to Sketch and Draw Better with these Tutorials

Perspective is one of those things that many artists (myself included) may try to “eyeball” rather than measure. After all, when you’re drawing a figure, a landscape, or anything else without hard lines and angles, focusing on perspective may seem unnecessary. But what about. . . read more
Found texture is any type of texture you encounter in day-to-day life. It can be dramatic or subtle, organic or inorganic. If you can capture the pattern on paper, then it’s “found” texture. Today, I want to talk about ordinary concrete texture, and how you might use it in your colored. . . read more
Recently I had the chance to enroll in Craftsy’s The Art of the Picture Book, an online video course on writing and illustrating children’s books taught by the very talented Shadra Strickland. Shadra is a children’s book illustrator in her own right, as well as a teacher at. . . read more
Recently, I had the pleasure of participating in Crafty’s Drawing Anime Style class and enjoyed learning not only the anime technique, but also the complexities of some of the subgenres within it. If you’re not extremely familiar with anime (correctly pronounced ah-knee-may ),. . . read more
I think most artists will agree: one of the trickiest subjects to draw HAS to be the human face. Not only is every face different (making it hard to capture a specific person’s likeness) but our brains have developed in such a way that we intuitively recognize faces without even. . . read more
No matter how long you’ve been using colored pencils, or how skilled you are, eventually you’ll need to lift color or lighten an area that has become too dark. I guarantee it. And yes, we all know about erasers in their many forms. . . but today, I want to share two tricks you. . . read more
I’ve always had a love of flowers. Some of my earliest memories are planting pansies and sweet peas with my grandmother in early spring. As a military brat we moved a lot, but my mother always left her yard filled with flowers for the next family. Combining my love of flowers and art. . . read more
When most people think of colored pencils and colored pencil art, they also think of paper. Why? Because pencils and paper go together like peanut butter and jelly. But drawing papers aren’t the only option for colored pencil artists! Here are 8 great surfaces for drawing on that you may. . . read more
My first love has always been drawing. . . I guess I’ve always been drawn to it. :) I just find line to be very expressive! My next love would have be watercolor, so when I got the chance to review the online course Mixed Media: Pen, Ink & Watercolor by Craftsy, I dug out [...]. . . read more
One way that I like to add interesting or unusual visual texture to my colored pencil art is with “found” texture. This can be any type of texture you encounter in day-to-day life—whether dramatic or subtle, organic or inorganic. All you need to do is transfer the pattern to your. . . read more

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