This Week: 2/10 through 2/16

Published Feb. 10th 2013

Monday in General Art Advice – Question: What overarching story ties together your art and your life? Do you know it? And more importantly, do you share it? Drop in tomorrow for Steff Metal’s perspective on the importance “story” in every artist’s work.

Tuesday in Drawing Tips – Building on her last tutorial, this Tuesday our resident colored pencil expert Carrie Lewis will demonstrate how to add rich, vibrant color over the top of your complementary colored pencil underpainting.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Don’t miss out on Cynthia Adams’ unique textile landscapes from the American West. As always, if you’d like your own art to be featured on EE, send it in!

Thursday in Artist Interviews – Alyice Edrich and Tara Barney, a graphite artist and jewelry maker, will discuss her creative process, subject matter, and inspiration.

Friday in Photography Tips – Finish out the week with an excellent photography tutorial entitled “4 creative ways to use your camera shutter speed” by our newest EmptyEasel writer (and photographer extraordinaire) Zach McCabe.

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