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Tom Glenndenning: High-contrast, Mixed-media Abstracts

Inspired by street art, urban decay, and his own explorations into abandoned buildings, “Leftover Landscapes” is a brand new series by the very talented abstract artist Tom Glenndenning.

Tom’s mixed-media artwork combines random textures, repeating patterns, and found images with his own hand-made marks (often in white, black, red, or other bold color choices) resulting in high-contrast, dynamic abstracts.


In some of them, you may get a sense of an overhead, aerial landscape perspective, where rivers of black ink run through white/gray pages of text, and where bursts of color form the hills and peaks of higher elevations.

Other pieces offer more geometrically-layered images, and equally-layered emotion; metaphorical landscapes rather literal.


Either way, the idea of “Leftover Landscapes” holds true—in both our lives and in art, nothing is entirely created and nothing is entirely destroyed. What matters is how we choose to perceive, and then live in, the world that surrounds us.


To see more of Tom Glenndenning’s work (including some incredibly-interesting digital pieces formed from Google Satellite imagery) please take just a few moments to visit his website today.

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