Lourdes Ral: Colorful, Imaginative Paintings of People

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Lourdes Ral is a very talented artist, illustrator, and ceramicist from Spain whose artwork is both incredibly unique and inherently approachable.

As I looked through her paintings featuring people in a variety of situations, I couldn’t help but think of all the times I’ve been surrounded by others. On an airplane, in a mall, waiting in a line for a concert. . . the experience of being in a crowd is completely visceral and often somewhat out of our comfort zone.

At other times, however, it’s exactly what we need, and Lourdes conveys both of those experiences flawlessly.


In Bon Voyage, above, we see a snapshot of humanity taken from high above the clouds. People chat, listen to music, or think their own private thoughts as they wait to reach their ultimate destination.

Lourdes’ intelligently-crafted composition, with it’s vibrant warm/cool color contrasts and diagonal lines, conveys a sense of rapid motion. . . even though every single person in the painting is seated. It’s a masterful,detailed painting, that somehow retains all the immediacy of a sketch.

Next, Conversations shows a crowd of a different sort. But as you’ll see—this crowd is also very much in motion!


You can sense the ebb and flow of discussion, as well as each individual’s movements towards one another as they connect and build relationships. I also love the intricately-drawn menu on the wall behind them—it’s the perfect backdrop for a lively time of enjoying good food and drinks with friends.

Last but not least, this untitled painting is one of my favorites. Its bright colors, geometric-yet-loose shapes and patterns, and a mass of restless yet good-humored humanity make for an incredibly dynamic painting.


If you’d like to see more of Lourdes Ral’s work, including her equally vibrant ceramic pieces, please don’t wait—head over to her website today!


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