Eric Roberts: Unique Screenprint & Acrylic Paintings

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Eric Roberts creates large, mixed-media paintings using a combination of repeatable screenprinting techniques and traditional painting materials.

As he puts it, they’re “more than abstract paintings—and more than prints.” And I think you’ll agree! Take a look at a few of his pieces below, and enjoy!

In 100 Flowers (Spring) you get a sort of textile, pattern sense from his painting. Some of the flowers are repeating, yet they’re all a bit different!


I love all the positive/negative spaces Eric created in this piece. By using different colors of paint with similar tonal values, he’s made it possible for our eyes to skip over, or “miss” certain flowers in the composition—until we take a second look.

The overall effect is overwhelming, but in a good way. Just like a field of gorgeous flowers (on a bright spring day) should be!

Eric’s next painting, Sixty Elsies puts a unique spin on a classic American advertising icon that you might remember as the mascot from Borden Dairy Company.


This 3ft by 3ft painting uses repetition, color, and detail to bounce your eyes around the canvas in a zig-zag pattern. Eric’s screenprinting skills are also on full display, as each Elsie requires 4 imprints—one for the outline, then a color for the flowers, another color for the face, and a third color for the tongue.

Last but not least, Bees / Pills IV is an abstract painting that showcases the visual similiarities between the honeycomb shape and the structure diagrams that define various chemicals and drugs.


This is just one of several Bees / Pills paintings by Eric, all of which are fascinating in their own way—and also bring to mind humankind’s reliance on both nature and medicine, which are interconnected in (so many!) ways that we rarely consider.

To see the rest of Eric’s paintings, or learn more about his unique process, please visit his website at


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