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Betty Dean: Bright & Colorful Mixed-media Paintings

Today we’ll be showcasing some gorgeous floral paintings by Betty Dean, a watercolor, acrylic, and mixed-media artist from Alberta Canada.

As many of you know, I love big paintings with bold color, and Betty’s floral pieces have COLOR in spades! She also plays with pattern and texture to create multi-layered paintings that are occasionally just as abstract as they are realistic.

Take a look at this first painting, entitled Blue Tulips and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. :)


Strong angled lines, transluscent-looking hues, and an organic-yet-geometric background pattern all layer together to make a stunning bouquet you couldn’t find in nature.

Even better, this particular mixed-media masterpiece is 38 inches tall—over three feet!—which is just the icing on the cake for me.

Next up (in a similarly striking color palette) is Chinese Lanterns. This painting, too, is a mixed-media piece, and another gorgeous example of Betty’s use of color and composition.


Of course, the bright orange “florals” above are actually the vibrant seed pods of this plant (not its flowers) which turn a riotous, fiery color in late Autumn. Betty made sure to accentuate that red-orange hue by painting blue and purple washes of color behind them—to great effect, I might add!

Last but not least, Old Spruce below takes a cooler color approach, and attempts to capture the majestic, sweeping demeanor of a spruce in all its evergreen glory.


I love the tall format of this painting, which certainly lends itself to the long needles, trunk, and boughs of this majestic tree. The colors also flow seamlessly from white and pale greens to brighter blues and back again—divided only in the middle by a rough, reddish trunk.

Betty’s paintings most often celebrate the beauty found in nature, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t also mention her lovely photo collages of the buildings, statuary, and yes, nature, of Paris, France.

Please take a minute to visit her website and see the rest of her wonderful artwork.

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