Christina Massey: Blending Fabric and Paint Into Unique Mixed-media Wall Sculptures

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Are you ready to see a completely new (and wonderful!) type of painting?

Christina Massey’s mixed-media pieces almost defy description. They’re displayed as paintings, but they’re also completely sculptural, extending from the wall in waves, gathers, and pleats, fairly bombarding the viewer with color, line, and texture.

As explained on her website, Christina starts with fabric, shaping it to create a highly visual and textural experience for the viewer. She then builds on that with paint, enhancing its natural forms while creating a vibrant, saturated color palette in every single painting that has to be seen to be believed.


In her series entitled Interwoven, it almost feels like we’re looking down at landscapes, seeing rolling hills, fields, farms, and rivers from hundreds of feet up in the air. . . like a gorgeous relief map, artistically embellished and enhanced into high-definition artwork.

Can you see it?

That’s amazing enough, but I also love the play of light across each of Christina’s paintings. Their highly-sculptural lines and edges gather light and create shadow in a way that normal paintings rarely can.


Cords and strips of cloth add tension and even more structure to the painting above, bridging a chasm of orangey-red, while ruffles of fabric open up in layered splendor to either side. You can even see the details of a cuff, here and there, or a collar, making it clear that each item is an article of clothing, re-purposed into art.

As a lover of intense bright hues and good compositions, I just can’t say enough about these paintings. Nearly every single one seems to offer incredibly dramatic angles and vibrant contrast. My eyes are just so happy looking at them.


If you’d like to see more of Christina’s work (and I hope you will; there’s so much more to look at!) make sure to visit today. I guarantee you’ll enjoy it!


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