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Monday in Motivation – It’s time to debunk the myth that art is only for those with natural inclination, or talent. The truth is, ANYONE can learn to be an artist—and Carrie Brummer is here share how and why, tomorrow!

Tuesday in General Art Advice – Art coach Aletta de Wal is back with a new series entitled “The ABC’s of Selling Art”. Drop by for her first article on Tuesday!

Wednesday in Painting Tutorials – Carrie Lewis will finish out the week with answers to 4 common questions about the Flemish Method of painting.

Plus, in this week’s New Artist Showcase. . .

Please join me in welcoming three brand new artists at Foliotwist: Linda Sheffield, Kent Kelly, and Paul White!

Linda’s most recent series of colorful oil paintings explores her beloved Italian heritage, depicting life as-it-happens in Italy—everything from simple boat rides in Venice to children feeding pigeons in the park in Florence.

Kent Kelly’s artwork is constructed on paper, often with paper. Combining sculptural collage work and pen & ink drawings, Kent’s finished pieces are vibrant and textural, and well worth a look!

Last up today is Paul White, an acrylic painter—mostly focusing on landscapes in and around California—with a fascinating bio.

Paul happens to be the only artist today using our new Premier Template at Foliotwist, so you’ll probably notice his website’s unique floral background and extremely mobile-friendly layout (if you’re using a smartphone or tablet, that is).

If you have a chance today, please drop by any of their websites and leave a comment or send a message, I know they’ll appreciate it!

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