Lorette C. Luzajic: Story-infused Mixed-media Paintings

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In a time where “mixed-media” can mean just about anything, it’s always nice to see an artist really take that concept and push it to the next level. Lorette C. Luzajic is that artist—her work combines not only a variety of artistic media (acrylic, pastels, crayons, and spray paint just to name a few) but also many more intangible elements, like overheard dialogue, music, and mythology.

In short, anything goes with Lorette’s art, and the narratives she explores are fascinating. Take a look below, and enjoy!

I Have Turned Myself Upside Down to Give You Love I Didn’t Know I Had is a perfect example of Lorette’s emotional, diary-like pieces.

Filled with scrambled letters, (what might be) handwriting, a few small collaged photographs, and just enough sprays of color to balance out the black ink-blot style clouds drifting across the canvas, you can’t help but start piecing together a story from these half-seen glimpses of another person’s life.

It’s You, the Book, and Destiny sets the scene in a slightly different way—a warm color palette evokes the feel of a tropical sunset, while black-windowed skyscrapers rise and fall in the hazy distance.

sm-it-s-you-the-book-and-destiny-lorette-c-luzajic-2015 1 orig

Lorette’s enigmatic handwriting still makes an appearance, as do her stenciled letters, but the real stars of this piece are the two figures (outlined silhouettes only) posing in business attire next to a classic automobile.

Lastly, in The Weight of the Word (Alphabet Fireworks), we see an explosion—or perhaps implosion—of words at two points on the canvas.


It’s amazing how much depth Lorette creates using just words and colors. Her words seem to twist and spin in space, flinging off individual letters, or in some cases, stretching out as if pulled by incredible force—it’s really quite stunning.

If you’d like to see more of Lorette’s mixed-media paintings, head over immediately to her website and spend a while exploring. There are probably hundreds of pieces to look at, and I guarantee it’s worth your time.


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