This Week: It’s Our 10-Year Anniversary!

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Yep, you heard right! This Saturday is turning 10 years old! :)

To celebrate our “easel-versary” we’re taking the entire week off from publishing anything new. But never fear, we’ve still got you covered. . . how about a list of the most popular articles from each year that EE has been online?

2006 – How to Draw what You See: Tips for Improving your Drawing Skills
2007 – How to Clean your Paint Brushes after Oil Painting
2008 – How To Add Color To Black and White Photos in Photoshop
2009 – How to Draw a Portrait of the Head
2010 – 9 Very Common Figure Drawing Mistakes, And How to Avoid Them
2011 – How to Protect Images of Your Artwork From Being Stolen Online
2012 – How to Blend Colored Pencil Drawings with Rubbing Alcohol
2013 – Painting Portraits from Photos: A Step-by-Step Oil Paint Tutorial
2014 – How To Paint Realistic Watercolor Roses
2015 – How to Draw Perfect, Luminous Clouds with Graphite Pencils
2016 – No Time to Paint? Try This 20-Minute Daily Painting Challenge

Hopefully some of those are still new to you. . . enjoy the ones you haven’t read (or feel free to browse our full archive of art tutorials here) and we’ll see you bright and early next Sunday with our regular schedule of articles!

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