The Big Squeeze: A Must-have Art Studio Tool for Painters

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So many things come in tubes—sunscreen, toothpaste, condiments, moisturizers, and of course, almost every kind of oil and acrylic paint. The problem? It’s a pain to get everything OUT of the tube.

In fact, most of the time with artist paint tubes (typically made of metal) you can’t!

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That’s where this next Kickstarter project comes in. . . the Big Squeeze is the perfect solution for artists who want to save money and make sure they’re getting the last drop of paint. Even better, it’s in the process of being funded on Kickstarter right now, so you can get a great deal on it—more on that later! :)

How does it work, you ask? A single picture says it all:


Basically the Big Squeeze is a solid, hand-held device that crimps and flattens any tube (up to 3 inches wide) so that you’re able to get everything inside the tube, out. All you have to do us turn the crank and it does the work for you.

According to their Kickstarter page, “. . . even children or adults with arthritis can easily use the Big Squeeze.” With the amount of products that come in tubes, it’s really a great tool for anyone, but I can’t imagine a single artist studio that couldn’t make use of it.

Since this product is being funded on Kickstarter, they need our help to get it into production. The Big Squeeze needs to reach $27,500 in funding, and as I write this, they’ve raised a little over $10,000.

There’s only about a month left to go, so if you want your own Big Squeeze, NOW is the time to act.

And here’s the best part—early-bird funders can get their own for just $28 (or two for $52, or four for $112) which will be about 30% off the future retail price. And you also get to pick your colors: Lime Green, Indigo Blue, Bright Orange, and Hot Pink.


Interested? Want one? Then head on over to the Big Squeeze Kickstarter page, check out the video of the Big Squeeze in action, and help them fund this great project!

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