Calligraphy in the Kitchen, Part 3

By Phawnda Moore in Art Tutorials > Drawing Tips

Earlier in this series I demonstrated how to make recipes and labels that brighten, organize, and beautify your kitchen. But sometimes it’s just as nice to make a card to send along with a homemade gift from the kitchen.

And one day a card was needed for Hank’s peach pie. . .


I enjoy introducing Hank to everyone I know. He’s 92 years young and became my client when I wrote and designed his autobiography. You really get to know a person when you walk beside them and re-live their life, especially when it is as amazing as Hank’s.

He grew up during The Depression, served in the Navy, was an investigator, a musician, and world traveler. One has to intentionally keep up with Hank, who’s still adventurous, shrewd, kind, funny, and serious.

Since his book was published, about 10 years ago, I’ve continued to share Hank’s life. We meet for lunch every year.

Recently I decided to take him a treat. He lives alone now in a retirement center. I chose a peach mini pie, fresh out of the oven, at a local fresh produce bakery. The small white box needed a card that would last longer than the pie . . .

Here’s how I created Hank’s card:

I experimented with Tombow dual-brush pen colors, aiming for something not too “peachy” but still lighthearted. I chose Strathmore Bamboo cards, which are a lovely light ivory color. There’s a slight texture, but it takes the brush beautifully.

The first draft, on graph paper, wasn’t informal enough. I revised it a few times as the design materialized. Yes, he was a peach of a guy, so that could be the short but sweet message. A banner would give it flair.


I drew a peach with the brush marker, coordinating the softer palette with the other elements on the page. When it came to his name, it had to stand out. Bold brush! Peach border on the card! Done!

I tied it all together with a sheer sage, striped bow.

I wanted the envelope to be more subtle and settled on just the word “hint” with a peach. When I presented it to Hank, he looked at the “hint” and seemed perplexed. I urged him to open the envelope.


This last photo says it all! He really is a peach of a fellow!


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