Calligraphy in the Kitchen – How to Organize and Beautify Your Recipes

By Phawnda Moore in Art Tutorials > Drawing Tips

Collecting recipes is fun, but organizing them—not so much!

It’s hard to know what do with those saved handwritten recipe cards or clippings from newspapers and magazines over the years. Some even have type that’s now too small to read. My own scene was chaos. . . it was always a struggle to find my favorites.

Today I’ll show you a more contemporary, artistic way to organize your best recipes so they’re not only at your fingertips, but are pretty and functional too. And, you’ll be proud enough to share with family and friends, either by email or assembled in an album (perhaps as a gift).

1. Gather your materials

Start with a 3-ring white binder and clear divider sheets found at office supply stores. Then choose your color scheme—and make a few test sheets.

Brush markers are perfect to add your own touch. Practice to determine what size works best. I’m using Tombow dual-brush pens.

Copy paper is the last item. Get a nice quality, 24 or 28# “color copy digital.”


2. Make a template for your recipes

If you haven’t already, take photos when you make your favorite recipes and store the images in a folder on your computer.

Then create a template in Word or similar program. Using a template for each page will give your finished recipe book a coordinated, professional look. Allow space on the page for a photo and two text boxes: one text box will showcase a hand-lettered title for the recipe (you’ll add that in step 3) and the other text box will contain a list of ingredients and cooking directions.

Use this time to determine your type font and size—I find that 12 pt. type is most readable, and I prefer bold type for some of the text. Make notes on your template, then “Save As” with new title.

Finally, choose a few favorite recipes. I’ve chosen my designs for Ricotta Breakfast Pie and Squash Soup to share with you here. Arrange your text, place the photo, proofread, and print your copies.


3. Add hand-lettered titles

This is the fun part: now add the title of each recipe in brush lettering. . . play with color for each recipe and make those titles stand out. When you’re done, add them to your binder and enjoy using your new, hand-lettered cookbook!

NOTE: To thank almost 1,300 visitors to my Facebook page, Calligraphy and Design by Phawnda we’re celebrating with a free download of my recipe, Champagne Jam. I hope you enjoy it! It will be a festive start to your beautiful, useful project!

“Calligraphy in the Kitchen” is a new series, so look for more home projects soon.


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