Tim Soekkha: Fun and Delicious Illustrated Recipes

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Mixed-media Art

Illustrator and draughtsman Tim Soekkha of the Netherlands knows there’s nothing quite as authentic or nostalgic as a hand-written recipe in this age of technology and easy online print-outs.

Using primarily ink and watercolor on paper, Tim not only writes out the majority of his recipes, but also illustrates them with yummy-looking ingredients. His fresh, captivating style is as organic and natural as the food he illustrates—take a look!

A dash of spices. One plump chicken. Onions just tugged from the ground. This Ottolenghi Chicken recipe comes alive from the pictures alone, giving you a real taste (pun intended) of what the recipe entails—all without reading!


Tim’s imagery is pleasing to the eye and the palette, and it’s sure to get your taste buds going before cooking even starts. From the subtle sheen on the outer skin of the onion to the tiny pores on the lemon peel and freshly plucked chicken, the details are what make Tim’s art pop.

For those unfamiliar with a certain spice or ingredient, the pictures—which are often labeled—can also be super helpful!

Next, what cannoli recipe would be complete without that infamous quote from “The Godfather?” A great Cannoli, as this piece is titled, can make your mouth water just at the mere thought of it.


Tim’s masculine penmanship compliments the edgy, bold look of the black and white illustration, which has plenty of graphic novel appeal. Here, not taking the cannoli would be a real recipe for disaster!

And to finish, there’s nothing “norma” about Pasta Alla Norma, pictured below! (Sorry, I had to!) The illustrations show luxurious ricotta, thick, penne pasta and vitamin-rich eggplant that all come together to create a decadent yet easy-to-prepare meal.


Particularly appealing (to me) is the rustic, “fresh from the farm” look Tim creates by drawing basil leaves still on the stem and the extended roots of the garlic and onion. The written out recipe makes it feel more tried and true somehow, as if—even though you don’t know Tim—you feel like you do, and that his food must be good!

Not only are Tim’s illustrated recipes a lot of fun, but they’re delicious, too! Browse all his recipe illustrations on his website, and try one out today! Bon appetit!


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