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Lisa Gibson: Mixed-media Florals and Landscape Paintings

When you live in the breathtaking state of Montana like Lisa Gibson does, inspiration is never far away. Using acrylics, ink, watercolor, and colored pencils, she gives her mixed-media paintings a luminous, softly textured surface that calls out for introspection and study.

Previously exploring her creativity through photography, quilt making and pine needle basketry, Lisa found painting combines color and design elements of these crafts with a hands-on approach she loves.

“Besides,” she admits, “I’m a lousy seamstress.”

So take a short journey through Lisa’s artwork with me, and ask yourself. . . what do you feel when you look at Light of Hope below?


Do you get a little flutter of happiness in your stomach? Maybe a tingle down your spine that life is good and all is well? And, yes, that ray of light shining down surely stirs all the feel-good emotions, but the painting as a whole is equally inspired.

Each of those full, luscious alliums are joyful in their appearance (don’t they look like they could be in a Dr. Seuss movie?) and the way Lisa captured their perfect, spherical shape and hundreds of tiny petals in a light, airy way is truly perfection.

Next, the repetitive nature of this painting, entitled Waxwings, gives it a rhythmic, calm, feeling. . . but don’t be fooled, there’s still a lot going on!


And, with the flit of a vibrant red and yellow tail, or the shake of a red crests, this entire flock could take to the skies in an instant!

All the different directions they are looking adds to the dynamic nature of the scene as well. I can easily imagine them constantly hopping, flicking their tails and craning their necks to observe everything going on in the world around them.

Lastly, sunflowers pop up, as if to say “hello” in In the Quiet below. While the bright, summer flowers ultimately take center stage, the playful background of foliage, trees and wild grasses (under a beautiful, blue-skied day) are just as joyful.


This is one of those scenes that makes you want to lay down on the meadow floor, looking upward through the filtering trees while butterflies, pollen and bees float by without a care. The soft textures throughout this painting calm and renew the soul.

I encourage you to view all of Lisa’s wonderful mixed media pieces, including many more floral and landscape scenes, on her website.

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